Ambulance and Medical / First Aid Coverage
Require medical support for your corporate events?
I. M. Ambulance Services Pte Ltd provides a full range of medical services from emergency first responders to a fleet of emergency ambulances supported by doctors, registered nurses, paramedics and medics.
The role of medical staff is crucial in the event of an emergency. Our staff provide frontline medical treatment for example by, securing the patient airway, providing ventilation and arresting any haemorrhaging by initiating an intravenous line. Our medical staff are well versed in clinical skills and are also trained in both trauma and critical care, and are trained to perform critical interventions in order to save a patient's life.
Our medical and ambulance team are well prepared for a diverse range of medical situations. We carefully plan for each case, and offer a personalised and individual evacuation plan. We provide the following:
  • Clean and fully equipped emergency ambulance
  • Well prepared evacuation route to the nearest medical facility
  • Patient monitor and Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Spinal management equipment
  • Emergency drugs
  • Comprehensive medical coverage plan
All our ambulances are registered with the Ministry of Health and comply with their requirements for emergency ambulances always ready to attend to both trauma and medical emergencies.
Your event details should include:
  • The nature of the event (e.g rugby, dragon boat, run, marathon)
  • The estimated number of participants
  • Contact de
  • The time and duration of the event
  • The date of the event
  • Contact Details